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Broken vents, Crazy ladders & Lazy dogs

Well, onto another project with the tiny house.  There was a roof vent that was broken so it didn’t spin anymore.  Since we needed to put insulation in the ceiling/roof so we needed to repair the hole in the roof and try to match shingles or something.  So I had this genius idea for a sky light!. We went with a 24” x 24” since it would fit between the ceiling joists and wouldn’t require cutting those.  We choose a double pane plastic one from Lowes:|0&pl=1

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Tiny House!!

Well, this may take longer than what I originally expected the blog posts to take but I am trying to fit 3 months’ worth of construction into these blog posts. I also haven’t mentioned that we are going to do all the work ourselves with some help from family and friends.  We won’t be subbing any of the work out to contractors.

But here we go, onto the design phase.  There many things to consider from the structure that was already there to the floor joists to where the ladder needed to be to enter the loft. I have a Tiny House Pinterest board and I drew the tiny house out in my Home Designer Interiors program but I also just laid things out on the floor with tape.  I’m old school like that hahaha!

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Beginning of the Tiny House Adventure!

Man! Where do I start? I guess Jory & I were watching too much tiny house shows over the winter.  When we bought our house on 14 acres the end of December 2014 there was a rather large pigeon/chicken coop close to our backyard fence – too close to the backyard for me to want to use it for chickens plus I don’t want that many chickens anyways.  I want 6-8 in a smaller coop a little farther away from the house.  So we’ve left this 8×18 coop alone for over year, well I did try to sell it on craigslist but no one was interested and it was in too good of shape to just give away.

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Blog – A Little Bit About Me

I guess I should share a little bit more about myself, although capturing all that I am in 1 post is probably not possible.  Plus, would you really be interested to know *everything* about me anyways? Ha, ha, ha.

I’m Stacy,S, J, E 34, married to Jory for almost 8 years but we’ve been together for 8 years before that, and I’m mom to 4 year old Everleigh (Squirt).  We live in a fairly small town in Texas about 30 minutes from Fort Worth with our deaf boxer, Zephyr. I’m a crunchy/hippie (cloth diapers, breastfeeding, babywearing, essential oils, etc), crafter, DIYer, photographer, quad racer, book reader, crocheter, graphic designer, sewer, computer geek, pinterester…I think I’ll leave it as that for now.  How do I fit my Jack-of-all-Trades into 1 paragraph?? I also work full time at a local company that typically enjoys my wide range of skills.  Although, I’m sure my people-person attitude could use some work but my sarcasm is on point along with my “I’ll figure out a way” attitude.

Pinterest is a time warp for me – where was it when I was planning my wedding?  How did people do things without pinterest, or the internet, or cell phones back in the day?  Anyways, if you want to follow me on Pinterest you can find me here:

Stay tuned for the blogs on the tiny house project 🙂

My First Blog!!

So I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while but just haven’t had time…you know, life happens.  I want to use this to track my projects and I’ll be going back through my files writing about projects I’ve completed or currently working on.  I’ve been asked to write plans for some of my projects and others have asked for updates on my tiny house project.

Here’s to short updates & not being long winded 🙂