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Well, this may take longer than what I originally expected the blog posts to take but I am trying to fit 3 months’ worth of construction into these blog posts. I also haven’t mentioned that we are going to do all the work ourselves with some help from family and friends.  We won’t be subbing any of the work out to contractors.

But here we go, onto the design phase.  There many things to consider from the structure that was already there to the floor joists to where the ladder needed to be to enter the loft. I have a Tiny House Pinterest board and I drew the tiny house out in my Home Designer Interiors program but I also just laid things out on the floor with tape.  I’m old school like that hahaha!

Using a water trough was my first thought for the bath tub for several reasons: cheap, water tight, easy to retro fit and they come in several sizes to choose from.  Here I was water testing it in the drive way.  I’d also looked for a cast iron tub but those are on the expensive side even for old rusty ones that need to be repaired plus they were a little too big for the space I had available.


Dad had a couple of sinks laying around his shop that I was considering using in the Tiny House.


Here are some of the floor designs I came up with in my program – all of these have a sleeping loft in the plans too:









Then of course I needed to lay it out in the space to really see it. We needed the ladder to come up in the middle of the floor because of the A Frame roof line.  We also had to take into consideration the floor joists for where the sewer pipes would be able to go.  I laid this floor plan out.  The little out cropping/hang off the end of the coop was going to be something interesting to work with.  I originally planned to put the bathroom sink in that spot.


After putting the water trough in and taping off the floors we started putting up the bathroom walls.


We realized that we’d have to change the front structure just a little bit since there were huge holes from the bird cage things that use to be there. We changed the headers to fit the window that I wanted to order for the kitchen.  My plan was too add as many windows and natural light as possible to help the space fill bigger.  I decided on a 5’ French door as the main door so we took all the siding off to be able to move the studs around and place headers where we needed to.

IMG_0337 IMG_0338

If you notice these picture are taken at night – Jory was starting a new job where he was going to be working nights so we were going to stay up all night to help him switch over his sleep schedule.  It was a beautiful night so we stayed up until about 5am when it finally started getting cold.  Squirt hung out in the water trough with blankets, pillows and her ipad until she fell asleep early on.  Here she is hanging out here the next day too.


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